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Clínica IMQ Zorrotzaurre is the largest private medical centre in the Basque Country. The project of building it arose from IMQ Group’s desire to provide a better service for both its customers and society in general. It is the logical and thought-out evolution of Clínica Vicente San Sebastián, and is committed to innovation and continual improvement whilst keeping the essence of IMQ.

Along with Clínica Virgen Blanca, it forms a single functional unit where both sites offer a complementary range of services and share the same organisational model built around staff commitment and top-quality care.

  • A reference point for private healthcare in the Basque Country

    To become established as an innovative and prestigious centre that is a point of reference for private healthcare in the Basque Country, differentiated by the excellence of its services and staff and promoting research and teaching, all based on a commitment to customers and society.