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  • Clínica IMQ Zorrotzaurre is the natural evolution of Clínica Vicente San Sebastián (CVSS), a private hospital that started operations in 1953 as a family-run business through the efforts of eminent surgeon Mr Vicente San Sebastian. The clinic was named after him in recognition of his professional career and personal contribution.

    The original 3-storey, 50-bed clinic was designed by the architect Mr Luis Pueyo. The clinic’s capacity was subsequently increased to a total of 115 rooms by 1979.

  • 1980 was a milestone in the clinic’s history, when the family-run business became an organisation more in keeping with the times. IMQ, concerned about providing better healthcare for its customers, decided —along with other financial institutions— to purchase the clinic.

    It was then that an important change process began with the development of a strategic plan to professionalise the management of the clinic and a series of investments were made into infrastructure, equipment and advanced technology so that modern, high-quality healthcare could be provided.

  • In 2007, IMQ Group’s financial situation meant that the challenge of taking healthcare to a higher level could be addressed. As part of the redevelopment plan for the Zorrotzaurre area, it was decided that a new healthcare centre should be built as a reference point that would become a symbol of the group’s transformation process.

    For many years, Bilbao has been promoting emblematic architecture as a means for improving the relationship between the general public and their surroundings, and for projecting an international image of a city committed to development and modernity. Thus, the project for building the clinic had to meet high aesthetic standards but the functionality of the infrastructure was even more important, as the main objective of the clinic was to maintain and perfect the healthcare quality provided by IMQ.

    Based on these two premises, architects Carlos Ferrater and Alfonso Casares faced the challenge of designing a new building intended not only to become a distinctive landmark on the new Bilbao skyline and integrate perfectly into the redevelopment plan for the area conceived by Zaha Hadid but also to allow healthcare professionals to work more efficiently and patients to get the highest-quality healthcare.

  • Clínica IMQ Zorrotzaurre complements the services already provided by Clínica Virgen Blanca so that they can collaborate on a joint healthcare project and strengthen the excellence in quality and service that IMQ aims to offer its customers.

    This building is, therefore, seen as the flagship for the comprehensive restructuring that the entire organisation is undergoing —and will continue to undergo— in order meet the needs of all of the social players involved: patients, society and healthcare professionals.