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Rights and duties

Your rights:

  • To receive continuous, comprehensive, quality healthcare for your health issues and choose the professional from the clinic's medical team that you would like to monitor your case.
  • To receive appropriate care of the highest human quality, being cared for with respect for your personal, cultural and religious values and your privacy, safety and human dignity.
  • To receive full and continual information regarding everything relating to your procedure and your state of health. You also have the right to participate in any decisions corresponding to you in relation to choice of treatment.
  • To receive general information regarding services and also certain and foreseeable costs for the healthcare. In this regard, the patient has a duty to be aware of what is covered by his or her insurance.
  • To choose the therapy option you would prefer from amongst those offered by the lead doctor for your case and also reject treatments. Likewise, you may voluntarily discharge yourself after signing the corresponding document.
  • Confidentiality surrounding all information relating to your procedure and, even, secrecy regarding your stay at the centre, except when this data must be revealed due to legal or contractual requirements.
  • Admission to the clinic should affect your social and personal relationships as little as possible. Therefore, the clinic will have the broadest visiting times possible so you can be accompanied at all times, except in special units.
  • To submit complaints, claims, congratulations and suggestions and obtain an opportune response.
  • To have an entry in your medical record containing all the information regarding your state of health and any clinical and medical action taken during the different healthcare episodes. You can also see this record whenever you like.
  • To know and identify the staff who will be in charge of your case and who will be responsible for your state of health.
  • To consent or refuse to have clinical trials or research performed on your person. Written authorisation will be required from the patient after he or she is informed about the methods, risks and purposes.
  • Your advance directive must be respected in possible situations where you cannot specify your wishes, as long as you have provided the corresponding document that establishes them.

and your duties:

  • To know, exercise, comply with and ensure compliance with the rules of operation at Clínica IMQ Zorrotzaurre, your rights and obligations, and also to collaborate by complying with the rules and instructions established by the centre.
  • To take care of your health and be responsible for it. This duty is especially required when risks or injury may be derived for the health of other people.
  • To provide, as fully and accurately as possible, your identification details and all information regarding your health and any possible treatments you are following that may be required for providing care for you.
  • To request any information required for making decisions conscientiously and deliberately with regard to tests and treatments. Subsequently, you will have to assume and accept any consequences derived from those decisions.
  • To treat the staff at the clinic and the other patients and their companions with the utmost respect.
  • To care for the facilities and help to maintain the clinic in optimum conditions, with a civic and respectful attitude at all times.